Devouring Sight is an Extreme Metal Band from Guatemala, C.A. formed in late 2012 with former members of Treateth, Aldof Hater and Betty Slash (Both Guitarrists). In early 2013 Alien 33 (Mundano, Ex-Fosa Común) joins the band as their drummer and Devouring Sight start recording the debut EP, but without vocals. After a year searching for the right vocals, the band met Bobby Botox (Trinky, Ex-El Destazador) who joins in 2014. 

Devouring Sight makes their debut in May 5, 2014 with the mexicans While The Heart Becomes playing without a bass player. On July 20, Devouring Sight released their first official video of the song "Necrophilia" their single 2014.

March 14, 2015, on the Xibalba Tour 2015, Moby Mosca (Ex-Mare Tenebrarum, Ex-Virginia Clemm) a close friend of the band from our neighbor country El Salvador, debuts as the band's Bassist and finally the ban's line-up is complete.

The Band released a teaser of their upcoming debut EP called "Possessed", which will be released online April 16, 2015 through their official website ahd the physical material will be available on April 17 in Costa Rica and April 24 in Guatemala.



Devouring Sight represents the way how we live, where the system/government, and religions, control us, selling us false goals and dreams that sometimes are unreachable.

A devouring view/sight of our future, where through hypocritical advertising, they want to sell us dreams and hopes, showing the " true happiness ", meaning: car of the year, a big house, travel, enjoying wealth, etc. We are taught that to achieve such "happiness", we have to wear an uniform, which only represents an absent virtue, an uniform that means a job, often degrading and enslaving, that through this work, arduous and tiring, we will have money and achieve happiness and only then, we can be considered someone "worthwhile".

We are blindfolded, our vision is blurred and often censored. It boils down to a view of a dreams and promising future… IMPOSED that slowly devours us...



Vocals / Bobby Botox

Guitar / Betty Slash

Guitar / Aldof Hater

Bass / Moby Mosca

Drums / Alien 33


Possessed Tour

Watch our brand new video of our debut EP "POSSESSED". Available on our Youtube channel (3rd April)

Watch our brand new video of our debut EP "POSSESSED". Available on our Youtube channel (3rd April)


News & Updates


Video Release @TrovaRock April 1st!

Video Release @TrovaRock April 1st!

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by Devouring Sight


APRIL, 15 / Online  Stream